Winter Institute in Digital Humanities (WIDH). An inaugural digital humanities and research event at NYU Abu Dhabi in the tradition of other international institutes such as DHSI. It serves the goal of community development in digital methods and reflection within the global sites of New York University (NYU), the GCC and the MENASA regions.

OpenGulf. OpenGulf is a transdisciplinary research group focusing on historical documentation about the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the larger Gulf region. OpenGulf was launched in the Arts and Humanities Division of NYU Abu Dhabi. Its consituent projects publishes open historical datasets, interactive maps, placeographies, personographies, corpora of colonial documents and digital exhibits with the aim of opening Gulf Studies to digital historical exploration, analysis and interpretation.

Abu Dhabi Calling! One of the signature projects of OpenGulf, Abu Dhabi Calling! explores phone directories over the period 1970-2000 in order to understand locational patterns in demographics, ethnicity and urban development in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates across a period of rapid growth across three decades of late twentieth century history. (Download our poster about Abu Dhabi Calling! from the 2020 NYU Abu Dhabi Winter Institute in Digital Humanities here)

Paris Bible Project. An automatic transcription project of so-called “Paris” or “Parisian” Bibles in Latin with the goal of understanding spatial-temporal patterns of abbreviation in the handwritten text as well as material and figural detail.

Deep Illumination An early stage project using algorithmic techniques for the analysis of medieval manuscript illuminations exploring facial recognition, feature & object detection, pose, perspective, for combining very close, distant viewing and creative reuse.

Open Medieval French (OpenMedFr). A text creation initiative aiming to publish open, plain text versions of works written over four centuries of Medieval French and related resources for scholarly, computational research.

Visualizing Medieval Places. A spatial humanities project investigating space/time in texts composed in medieval French.  10000+ toponyms from a large corpus of texts (200 and growing).

Past projects:

Linguistic Landscapes of Beirut.  A spatial humanities project documenting multilingual usage of writing in public space in metropolitan Beirut, including digital mapping, multilingual transcription in YAML. Rebuild in progress here.

The Arab World Publishing Project (AWPP). A textual and spatial humanities project building on the Mapping Beirut Print Culture project narrating thematic trends and spatial dimensions of print culture across the Arab and Arabograph publishing world from the 1950s to the present.