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Protected: Humanities Data and Mapping Environments ESUDH 2017




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Twenty Things to Know about #DHIB2017

Twenty Things to Know about #DHIB2017                                                  DHIB 2017 (@DHIBeirut, is a moment in my career that I will look back on fondly. I have made a list of twenty things […]

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Abstracts, American University of Paris, March 2017

Abstracts   David Joseph Wrisley @DJWrisley American University of Paris 16-17 March 2017   Lecture: “Digital Project-Based Scholarship and Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts Institution” Thursday, March 16, 2017, 1530-1700, Combes 102    Watch the lecture here. My talk focuses on the genre of the digital project and its potential for scholarly and pedagogical reflection […]

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A Very Gentle Intro to 3d and Sketchup DHIB 2017

Description: This is a 2.5 hour course that introduces the use of 3d for the humanities and looks at Sketchup briefly. Outcomes:  Participants who complete this workshop will explore some examples of 3d for the humanities  discuss some theories of 3d for the humanities and potential applications learn where they can get 3d shape files to begin to manipulate […]

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مؤتمر أبوظبي للإنسانيات الرقمية

“مؤتمر أبوظبي للإنسانيات الرقمية “ضاد جامعة نيويورك أبوظبي جزيرة السعديات #dhad2017 أبريل / نيسان 12-10 2017  DHAD تجسد الحروف الإنجليزية المختصرة لاسم “مؤتمر أبوظبي للإنسانيات الرقمية” كلمة أو حرف “ضاد” بالعربية، وذلك في ربطٍ بديع يعكس تميز اللغة العربية وبلاغة معانيها، ويؤكد على رمزية لغة “الضاد” للتعبير عن الجماليات والتحديات في اللغة العربية، التي نستلهم منها […]

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