Associate Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi


Current Courses

New York University Abu Dhabi

AHC-AD 139 Introduction to Digital Humanities (Fall 2016)

AHC-AD 141 Spatial Humanities  (Spring 2016)

CADT-UH 1018  Digital Curation  (Core: Arts, Design, Technology, Fall 2017, Fall 2018)

IM-UH 1111X Introduction to Digital Humanities (Fall 2017)

CDAD-UH 1024Q Reading Like a Computer (Core: Data and Discovery, Spring 2018)

Data and Human Space (Core: Data and Discovery, proposed Fall 2018)


Courses in planning phase:

Quantified Self



European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture and Technology,” Leipzig University

From Text to Map: Modeling Historical Humanities Data in Mapping Environments (summer 2016)

Humanities Data and Mapping Environments (summer 2017, proposed for summer 2018)



Past Courses

American University of Beirut

ENGL 229 (History of the English Language)
ENGL 233 (Introduction to Translation)
ENGL 292  (Literature and Mapping)
ENGL 210 (Literature of the Middle Ages)
ENGL 306G (Medieval Dream Vision) – MA seminar
ENGL 306K/346K (Introduction to Digital Humanities) – MA seminar
CVSP 201 (Ancient Near East and Classical Civilization)
CVSP 202 (Medieval and Renaissance Islamic and Christian Thought)
CVSP 203 (Enlightenment and Modernity)
CVSP 204 (Contemporary Studies)
CVSP 207E (Epic: Texts and Contexts I)
CVSP 208E (Epic: Texts and Contexts II)
CVSP 207A (Love: Human and Divine)


ENGL 305F (Allegory) – MA level
ENGL 305H (Classical Literature in Translation) -MA level
ENGL 305I (Literature in/of the Mediterranean) – MA level
ENGL 305J (Modeling in the Digital Humanities) – MA level
ENGL 305K (Spatiality and Literature) – MA level