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Semi-Automated Alignment with iTeal

Semi-Automated Alignment of Text Versions with iteal A half-day tutorial at DH2018, CDMX, Mexico, June 2018 with Stefan Jänicke  @vizcovery David Joseph Wrisley  @djwrisley   Overview   Our half-day tutorial for DH2018 concerns the semi-automated alignment of different witnesses in complex textual traditions, with demonstration of specific use cases, a discussion of the relevance of the […]

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MAA 2016 Toponymic Strata in a Large Corpus of Medieval French

David Joseph Wrisley @DJWrisley “Place in Corpora” panel Medieval Academy of America Boston, 26 February 2016 Computational models are “however finely perfected, they are temporary states in a process of coming to know, rather than fixed structures of knowledge.” (McCarty, 26)                   Visualization 1:  Peripleo.  A geographic […]

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