Associate Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi


Digital Projects:


  • Exploring Place in the French of Italy (with the Fordham Center for Medieval Studies) – a spatial humanities project, spin-off of Visualizing Medieval Places, mapping the literary geographies of French texts composed in Italy.

    • Linguistic Landscapes of BeirutA spatial humanities project documenting multilingual usage of writing in public space in metropolitan Beirut, including digital mapping, multilingual transcription and TEI XML encoding. The project’s visual data are crowd created and tagged by mobile application.


  • Beirut publishes… A spatial humanities project narrating spatio-temporal aspects print culture in Beirut from the Mandate period (1920) to the present.  The project data derive from archival work, field work and mobile data collection.


    • Digital Textual Analysis of medieval texts –  textbases for linguistic and literary research in medieval languages.  400+ texts in clean, plain text with several hundred more underway (with Jeff Richards, Bergische Universität Wuppertal).  A textbase for late medieval English (150+ texts), medieval Latin (200+ texts) and medieval Spanish (75 texts) exists as well.  Samples of Stylometry networks done with the Stylo package for R: Christine de Pizan, 14th/15th century medieval French, medieval Iberian texts.


Digital Projects in Planning Phases:

    • Visualizing Mouvance: Towards an Alignment of Medieval Vernacular Text Traditions (with Stefan Jänicke, Universität Leipzig).  Samples here (Chanson de Roland) and here (fabliaux).