Associate Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi



Digital Projects:

Visualizing Medieval Places. A spatial humanities project investigating space/time in texts composed in medieval French.  10000+ toponyms from  a large corpus of texts (200 and growing).

The Open Medieval French Initiative (OpenMedFr). A text creation initiative aiming to publish open, plain text versions of works written over four centuries of Medieval French for scholarly, computational research. Available texts can be accessed at the project’s GitHub page.

Linguistic Landscapes of Beirut.  A spatial humanities project documenting multilingual usage of writing in public space in metropolitan Beirut, including digital mapping, multilingual transcription in YAML. The data can be consulted at the project’s GitHub page.

Mapping Beirut Print Culture. A spatial humanities project narrating spatio-temporal aspects print culture in Beirut from the Mandate period (1920) to the present.  The project data derive from archival work, field work and mobile data collection.

Visualizing Mouvance (with Stefan Jänicke, Universität Leipzig).  Exploring computational alignment of medieval variant text traditions (using both user parameter driven and recurrent neural network approaches), innovative techniques in data visualization and what they can tell us about the instability of medieval texts. See our article here.


Digital Projects in Planning Phases:

The Arab World Publishing Project (AWPP). A textual and spatial humanities project building on the Mapping Beirut Print Culture project narrating thematic trends and spatial dimensions of print culture across the Arab and Arabograph publishing world from the 1950s to the present.